Thinking about traveling solo? Don't be afraid! Here are 12 reasons you need to try solo travel at least once!

There are a million solo travel bloggers out there who will tell you the same thing…Solo travel is great! Everyone should try it for the benefits! You never have to wait until someone else is free to go with you! You get the chance to meet new people! You get the freedom to do what you want when you want!

And while I completely agree with these reasons, there are even more that you may not have considered before. Maybe you don’t have flakey/unavailable friends. Maybe you don’t care about “doing what you want when you want.” Or maybe you’re an introvert (like me) and aren’t particularly excited to meet new people. Cool! That’s okay!

Here are six reasons to solo travel that you may not have thought of. If you do go for it, I guarantee you’ll learn a thing or two from the experience.

Solo Travel Helps You Face Your Fears

When I took off for my first international trip at age 28, I was scared. I worried about language barriers, getting lost, offending locals, not knowing how to order food, etc. I was afraid of EVERYTHING.

Granted, I knew nothing about my first destination Brussels, Belgium, including which language they spoke (answer: Dutch, French, German). Don’t be like that. Research the country you’re visiting before you go, for the love of god!

But here’s the thing, despite all that, I made it unscathed. I asked for help when I didn’t understand the train system. I ordered food once I realized I could speak broken French – and most people speak English – and I used my phone’s data plan to prevent me from getting lost.

At the end of the day, I felt proud that I’d figured it out on my own. You will, too.

Solo Travel allows you the best “me time” you’ve ever had in your life

I’m an introvert, so it’s easy for me to promote “me time” as a reason to solo travel. Maybe you are an extrovert, but you’re still going to need some “me time” like other humans. Why not spend your “me time” in a new place where you can push yourself, and really get in touch with your thoughts and personal growth?

It can feel safe to spend your “me time” watching Netflix at home, reading a book at your favorite cafe, or pampering yourself at the local medi-pedi shop. But there’s something about doing it in a foreign city that makes it that much more fulfilling.

Plug in your headphones, put on your favorite Spotify playlist, and wander.

Solo Travel Gives you more to share and talk about with your partner

This may sound like a lame reason, but seriously think about it. Has your partner ever complained that you two don’t do enough apart? Have YOU complained about this? Conversations get dull because you’re constantly together… Am I right?

Travel solo! When I visited Peru I spent the first few days in Cusco by myself, while my travel partner visited another part of the country. We had so much to talk about on our Skype calls and even more once we finally met up in person. It’s an amazing thing to share experiences with someone you love, but sometimes can be just as rewarding to be able to passionately share your own experiences once you come back together.

Solo Travel Allows you to Figure out Your Travel Style

Are you a planner, or spontaneous? Do you like to spend a week in one place, or jump from place to place in a few days? If you haven’t tried it on your own, you may have only experienced someone else’s preference. It’s time you experimented with what you love most.

Personally, I want at least five days if not over a week in one city, depending on how big it is. I’ll choose a few must-see tourist spots, then spend the rest of the time exploring on foot, sampling shops, and eating/drinking along the way.

If you decide you are a planner, you can pack that schedule as tight as you want, and never hear a complaint from another person.

Solo Travel Makes You Kind of a Big Deal

I get this all the time at work. People will tell me after I say I’m traveling on my own, “Wow! You’re brave! I could never go to another country by myself! You’re going on another trip alone? You’re life is so awesome!”

And if you’re not already a solo traveler, you’re probably kind of impressed by people who are. I used to think people who travelled alone were either lonely or really, really adventurous. But then I talked to a few people about their experiences, and realized they were kind of awesome.

You could be kind of awesome, too.

Solo Travel is on your bucket list

Right? If you’re not convinced to take off on a solo trip now, it should at least be on your bucket list for one day. And isn’t crossing off a list item just so satisfying?

I always tell people who aren’t sure about traveling to just buy a ticket for the end of the year, and commit to saving and planning until the date comes. Tickets are cheap when you buy them ahead of time, and you will have months and months to save. Easy as pie. You’re welcome.

By the way, it may turn out that you hate solo travel. If you try it out and it’s not your thing, well, that makes me sad. But it’s also okay. Traveling alone is not for everyone. But you won’t know unless you try, and for those who end up loving it, won’t you be so happy you read this blog post and got the gall to do it!

Have you been afraid to solo travel? What are your fears? Did you overcome them?