Visit Music City aka Nashville, Tennessee

For the US Memorial Day holiday weekend, I decided to plan a solo trip to a US city I’d never been to before. Not having a particular destination in mind, I threw a line out to the Facebook travel blogger sphere for inspiration. At the time, I had no idea I would visit Music City aka Nashville, Tennessee.

What’s a good place to visit in the US during the last week of May? I received immediate response: Bozeman, Montana; Chicago, Illinois; Louisville, Kentucky; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Asheville, North Carolina; Charleston, North Carolina; Savannah, Georgia; San Antonio, TX; Boston, Massachusetts; and New Orleans, Louisiana.

All wonderful options.

“Why don’t you use Skyscanner’s “anywhere” feature?” One blogger suggested.


If you don’t already know what this “anywhere” feature means, I’m about to teach you something pretty cool.

Go to the Skyscanner website, type in your airport code, type in your travel dates, and choose the destination as “anywhere.” The results? Your cheapest flight options to everywhere in the world.

You can then filter your choices down to the country of your interest.


I chose the United States and took note of the reasonably priced Southern destinations. I researched the best value flight, factored in my interest level, and Nashville won.

Let it be known that I don’t listen to country music. In fact, I turn that sh*t off if I hear it. I’m not engaged to be married, and as far as I know, none of my friends are holding a bachelorette party there either. So why Nashville?

I’ll tell you, Nashville is so much more than country music, groups of girls wearing pink sashes and penis necklaces, and cowboy boots. Let me explain…

8 Reasons You Should Visit Music City aka Nashville, Tennessee (even if you think country music sucks)

Visit Music City for good burgers at The Pharmacy

1) The Food

BBQ, hot chicken, brunch lines, gourmet ice cream, cronuts, coffee, and biscuits. I could go on.


The Listening Room Cafe in Music City aka Nashville, Tennessee

2) The Music

It’s not just country. Talented song writers play nightly at dozens of music venues around the city, often yielding cover charges of $5 or less. (Just buy some food or a couple of drinks during the performance, and you’re good.)


Visit Music City to see the "What Lifts You?" mural, Nashville, Tennessee

3) The Art

Hello, murals and gorgeous buildings and creative people, like everywhere. Instagrammers rejoice! And they wait in line.


Nashville, Tennessee

4) The Culture

Southern charm oozes at the outskirts of the main city. I love the quiet neighborhoods, the inviting front porches, and Southern kindness of strangers. I fell in love with Chapel Hill, North Carolina for the same reasons during college, so being anywhere in the South makes me feel a bit nostalgic.


Downtown Nashville, Tennessee

5) The Greenery

Oh my gosh, it’s so green and lush in Nashville. I love my home in California, but I’ll never see the same kelly green Nashville fields when I drive down our freeways.


Broadway Street Downtown Nashville, Tennessee

6) The Versatility

You can spend time on Broadway Street fighting the crowds, listening to honky tonk, buying cowboy boots, and drinking the night away. Or you could visit the breweries and hang out with hipsters during a thunder and lighting storm (I did). OR, you could drive further out, and walk up and down the suburbs finding good food, good people, quiet neighborhoods, and great coffee.


Grinders Switch Winery in Nashville, Tennessee

7) The Beer, Wine, and Spirits

Yep, they make all of that, too. And it’s fantastic. Don’t tell me muscadine grapes are trashy. They are a Southern experience I was happy to try first in Nashville.

Are you a dog person? I’ve got one more for you.


Dog park in Nashville, Tennessee

8) The Dog Friendliness

People in Nashville love their dogs. There’s a big dog park along the river front, not far from Broadway Street, and many more throughout the region. If you peruse the outskirts, which I recommend, there are dozens of dog-friendly bars, restaurants, and even a coffee shop called “Fido.” Bring your furry friends, they are welcome!

Music City has quickly risen to one of my favorite cities in the US. You don’t need the excuse of a bachelorette party to go there, nor do you have to enjoy country music to appreciate everything it has to offer.

If you want to learn more about my rich experience as a solo traveler in Nashville, stay tuned for more.