How I finished Whole30: Weeks 3-4

I made it!

Yes, siree Bob. I ate the Whole30 way for a whole month with no slipups.

Except maybe eating meat with a “naughty” ingredient in it here or there, accidentally. I don’t think it would be fair to start all over again, since those times were honest mistakes.
Beside that, here’s how those final two weeks went!

My Whole30 Challenge: Weeks 3 – 4

Days 16-27

“Tiger Blood!” Not my favorite reference, but the Whole30 book is accurate when it describes the second half of the program as a period of strength and unstoppability.

My energy is solid. I’m ready to sleep at a reasonable time, and I wake up fresh every morning.

Cravings are… Let’s be real, I’m a stress-eater, so snack food still calls when I’m having a bad day. But I don’t miss sugar! In fact, I’m now one of those people who say, “Dessert? Oh I don’t eat dessert. Fruit is sweet enough for me.”

My skin is glowing. Multiple women at my office have made comments about my clear, glowing skin. This was a surprise to me, but I’ll take it!

Anxiety/Stress still affects me. Some nights I don’t sleep as well. Some days a pimple will show up on my chin. Some mornings I wake up anxious, and would rather stay in bed. Clearly, eating whole food does not help my anxiety levels. A little disappointed in that.

Favorite meal this period: Egg baked avocado, Whole30 Shepard’s pie with mashed cauliflower topping, steak salad

Day 21 (Interlude)

“I am so over this.” I’m totally nodding my head ‘yes’. Major food boredom settles in by week three. Breakfast is a drag except on weekends when I can have fried eggs over hash browns. I just want food freedom again.

And wine. I miss relaxing with wine!!!

Day 28

“28 is as good as 30… right?” I almost gave in early, as the Whole30 book predicted. Over a weekend some good friends invited me out to Smugglers Cove in San Francisco, a Pirate-themed bar that serves tiki drinks and rum. I offered to be Designated Driver. Still, the temptation was strong. I got soooo close to ordering an umbrella drink half way through the night. My friends were the ones who said, “No, you can’t quit now! Here’s a water with lime, practically the same thing.”

Days 29 – 30

“HolyOprahIt’sAlmostOverWhatAmIGoingToEatNow?!?!?!” Yep. Two days left. What will I do after Day 30? What should I eat? How will I feel? What if during the reintroduction period I find out that cheese or grains or gluten makes my body unhappy? I’m nervous, so I create a plan. A glass of wine on Day 31. And then, I don’t know. Maybe some ketchup?

In a Nutshell

I made it, and I feel great! High energy, flat stomach, good sleep, and no more sugar hangovers. The thought of going back to “non-Whole30 food” is scary. What happens when I eat beans again? Or have a bowl of ice cream? Or drink a glass of wine? Food reintroduction is next, and I have no idea how it’s going to go.