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I’m Melissa Bitz (hence Traveling Bitz), a San Francisco Bay Area native who fell in love with world travel at 28. Since my first trip outside of the US in 2014, I’ve learned to prioritize my life around travel, save money, and find amazing deals on flights.

Like many of you, I work in an office and have limited vacation. Fortunately I’ve discovered that regular travel is possible even with a full-time job. After perusing my blog, I hope you feel the same way!

My Travel Style

I usually travel solo and prefer loose plans and flexibility. Four days in a city is my sweetspot depending on the size of the region and my length of vacation. With a full-time job, two to three days in a nearby city works, too!

All travel styles come with great experiences, and I always suggest trying as many as possible.

Do What Scares You

The best life changes happen when you set out to do something you never thought you could! In 2014, I thought people who traveled by themselves to foreign countries were crazy. Now doing exactly that is my norm.

What do you want to change? Make the choice, and go for it!

Blog History:

In 2015 I started French Press Runner after an unfortunate Colorado skiing trip accident that ended in ACL reconstrution surgery. Chained to the couch for three weeks, I built and designed French Press Runner to record my knee surgery recovery.

By 2016 I was mostly recovered and running races again. But that meant French Press Runner wasn’t getting much love. 

In early 2017, I visited Sweden and Spain on an amazing $357 round-trip ticket Eurotrip, and realized I wanted to write about travel exclusively. Once home from Europe, I redesigned my website, chose a new host name, and Traveling Bitz was born.

Contact Me

If you want to chat about travel, ACL surgery, running, your favorite coffee, or the San Francisco Bay Area, or anything else, I’d love to hear from you!

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